Results and experiences

The school subject arts and craft exists in all the Nordic countries but with different emphasis on the content. As a mobility student the subject can be studied and compared with curriculum from the native country.

The students who have joined this program have had good experiences and made good personal and professional contacts. This is experiences which the students can benefit from in the further study and as a practitioner. New didactic perspectives, the role of the teacher, process and product orientation, entrepreneurship, school architecture, equipment for the making processes, fundamental pedagogical ideas etc. is some of what the student can concentrate on.  

NordFo has a big demand for mobility stipends for teachers primarily of one week duration. The network prioritizes the mobility stipends to purposeful places and happenings so that the returns will be as big as possible for the institutions, the individual person and for the network. NordFo wants to stimulate teachers to combine mobility with supplementary education, especially PhD courses.